Women on the Fringe

A ministry that seeks to connect believing and truth-seeking sisters-in-Christ, as well as those who are struggling to make sense of the world around them, or who have been deceived by the increasingly ubiquitous new age philosophy that infiltrates both the church and popular culture.

The topics we cover include:

• the feminist deception

• the new age deception

• the systematic destruction of the family unit

• natural medicine and whole foods

• the vaccine debate

• sensuality vs. beauty

• marital submission

• conspiracy/truth research

• Satanism in the media

• womanhood in prophesy

• transhumanism and gender relations

• apologetics

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Hello world!

Welcome to my WordPress. This is my first post. For the men who visit this site, these are the type of women you are looking for. This type of woman would stand by you and would not stab you in the back, they are the needles in the haystack. For the women who visit this site, these are the type of women to look up to and emulate. These women are heroes, wonder women if you will.

I have had this domain name for about 10 years, and didn’t do much with it. When I first bought it, I also bought it’s latter. When I did so, I thought they meant the same; now I know otherwise. When I bought them, I was going to do something good with them. I started to, but other things like life and other projects got in the way; and this got put on the back burner.


Now that I know and understand there is a difference between Equality and Equity, the difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome, what that difference means, their straights and their weaknesses; I finally launched this site. I also later bought its counterpart Guys For Gender Equality. I am focusing on the ladies right now, because there are more men fighting this fight then women; so I would like to promote the She’s For He’s at this time, then I will work on the other site next. I myself am not a trailblazer, not in this department at least. Yet an advocate for wisdom, truth, love, liberty and prosperity. So I am creating this site to promote the trailblazers in what I believe to be the right path. I would also like to thank Karen Straughan, for she was the first woman I discovered addressing this issue; sparking my interest to dig further. Thank you!

With wisdom, you find truth. With love, you find liberty. Together, you have prosperity and hope.

Due to YouTube censorship, the publisher of the video above was terminated. So I will see if I pirated a copy. Meanwhile, here is another good one.