Brittany Sellner Pettibone

As a Traditional woman, I am sure she would want to be know by her new married name. I have been fallowing her for years, so I list her maiden-name for search reason.

I normally copy and past a Wiki here, but I didn’t see one; so I will make my own. Brittany and her sestras are both SheForHe Traditional women and patriots; her sisters is more in background, where Brittany is more in the limelight.

I’m doing two separate sections for her, because I search both her family names together, I get skewed results. I found her better searching both her family names separately.

Found a Wiki: Brittany Sellner, née Brittany Alicia Merced Pettibone (1992–), is a Catholic,[2] American young adult-fiction writer, alt-right commentator, Schrödinger’s white nationalist,[3][4][5][note 1] and overall conspiracy theorist who refers to herself as an “American nationalist“.[6] Her prominence among the alt-right is generally due to her status as a sort of white-power Barbie.[citation NOT needed] She is married to “European identitarian” Martin Sellner in 2019 and changed her name to Brittany Sellner.[2]

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