Gender Equalists

Equalism begins with the premise that Woman is, and has always been, as powerful as Man and Man is and has always been as victimized. We believe that the sexes, each through their own channels, have plied an equal overall force of influence in the molding of our world and are thus equally responsible for outcomes. What Woman has suffered for being less respected has been matched by what Man has suffered for being less loved. Thus we give the politicized perspectives of male and female equal weight. In the current gender-political contest for the title of Most Powerless Victim, Equalism calls it a draw, and moves on from there.

If each sex has an equal claim to “victim,” then neither sex has any claim to being the victim. In calling it a draw, Equalism recognizes the seriousness of gender issues, but it does so free of rancor, resentment, victim, and vengeance motives. As Equalists we believe that for every female complaint there is a mirror-opposite male complaint and for every male complaint there is a mirror-opposite female complaint. Because we see female and male issues as intertwined, in addressing these issues, we take a systemic approach.

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Equalism is a new gender-neutral gender politics. Its goals include:

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