Families Advocating for Campus Equality

The mission of FACE is to support and advocate for equal treatment and due process for those affected by inequitable Title IX campus disciplinary processes, and influence campus culture through outreach and education.

FACE strives to ensure fair, unbiased, gender-neutral campus Title IX sexual misconduct disciplinary processes for ALL students, whether they are female, male, LGBTQ, or other gender identities and gender orientations. To achieve this goal we educate legislators on both the state and federal levels, participate in task forces and other projects geared toward creating balanced Title IX procedures, meet with Department of Education and Justice representatives, and use radio, television, print and social media to publicize our concerns and recommendations.

FACE understands the importance of and provides resources and support to college students wrongfully accused of Title IX violations on their campuses and their families. We hold meetings twice a year for families to connect and hear from experts in their fields, and provide other ways for families and students to connect on national and regional bases.

FACE does not advocate for the removal, denial or withdrawal of any student’s civil rights, Title IX protections, nor do we campaign for termination of Department of Education Office of Civil Right’s efforts to assist campuses in addressing sexual misconduct on their campuses. We believe fairness and equity can be achieved in cooperation with those from differing perspectives who are willing to cast aside preconceived beliefs and engage us with respect and understanding.

Canadian Association for Equality

En Francais: Les questions fréquemment posées à l’Association Canadienne pour l’Egalite (ACE)

What is CAFE?

CAFE is group of men and women who have self-organized to look at gender equality issues in Canada. We have no ideological, religious or political leanings or affiliations as an organization and are open to all races, ethnic groups, political viewpoints and sexual identity & orientation. We do not promote a new rights-based political agenda because we believe the current political and legal mechanisms to ensure equal rights in Canada would generally be sufficient if they were applied without bias or prejudice.

Is CAFE a Men’s Rights Group?

CAFE is a human rights group that advocates equality for all members of society. Our focus is currently on men and boys because that issue receives much less attention than equal rights for women. We do not consider ourselves a Men’s Rights Group because discrimination against men also adversely affects many women including the daughters, mothers, sisters, partners and friends of male victims. Inequality can affect anybody and should be everyone’s concern.

Who are your members?

CAFE members are men and women from all walks of life who share a desire to look clearly and without prejudice at the status of boys and men in Canada. While our advisors are drawn from a wide range of professions, most come from the academic community and represent a diverse assortment of fields of study.

What are your goals?

Our goal is to facilitate an inclusive, rational and civilized public conversation about the status of boys and men in Canada. Topics we think should be discussed include mental & physical health, suicide, family law, education, public policy, workplace safety, media & cultural stereotypes, and misandry. We believe this conversation must be based on facts and evidence-based research and not on ideology, e.g. gender profiling that assumes that only women can be victims and only men can be the perpetrators of abuse and discrimination.

What are CAFE’s activities?

Our main focus is on identifying and providing balanced information on equality in Canada. CAFE also provides opportunities to participate in evidence-based research, discussions, events and family-friendly activities.

Is CAFE associated with other organizations?

CAFE is an independent organization and has no formal affiliation or association with any other organization. If other groups claim to undertake activities to support our efforts that does not mean that CAFE has approved, endorsed, sponsored or coordinated those activities.

Are you anti-feminist?

CAFE supports equal rights for people of all sexes and genders, and actively opposes both misandry and misogyny in all their forms. We are not anti-feminist. Besides the fact that feminists themselves often disagree on the definition and scope of feminism, we find that generic labels such as feminist and men’s rights groups are too limiting for conducting a productive social conversation about equality and justice.

We do not believe that equal rights is a zero-sum game, and we reject the notion that identifying and eliminating discrimination against men and boys will somehow increase discrimination against women and girls. By definition, equal rights means equal rights for everyone.

Walk Away Campaign

The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots movement, founded by former liberal, Brandon Straka, dedicated to providing a place to share #WalkAway testimonials and personal journeys to freedom. It is inspiring, exciting, heart-wrenching, and extraordinary to watch and read the stories of the individuals who no longer accept the current ideology of the Democratic Party, what it has become, and are now bravely sharing their stories with the world.

Some of us left long ago, while many have only recently begun to reject the narratives of the left. Some people have wanted to #WalkAway for some time now, but have feared the consequences they may be forced to endure from friends or family if they were to share their true feelings and #WalkAway.

The #WalkAway Campaign encourages and supports those on the Left to walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today. Classical liberalism on the left is a thing of the past. Today’s leftist pseudo-liberalism is more committed to expanding the scope of government, pushing us into collectivism, and groupthink. The Democratic Party has gone astray, and it is time to recognize that there is very little true liberalism practiced there anymore. 

The “liberal” agenda of today has become authoritarian and fascist: forcing people into government-controlled health care; restricting school choice to assigned government-run schools; stifling speech that challenges liberal beliefs and candidates; buying political support from corrupt interest groups; welfare programs that breed dependence upon the state; legal preferences for particular groups rather than equality for all before the law; establishing price floors and ceilings enforceable by law; using government to redistribute wealth just to satisfy their egalitarian instincts, and shaming anyone who dares to deviate from their obligatory way of thinking.

The Democratic Party of today has adopted a destructive belief system, happily and without skepticism, separating people into groups based on identity and organizing them into camps of victims and oppressors. If you are a person of color, an LGBT person, a woman, or an American immigrant; the Democratic Party wants you to know that you are a victim and destined to stay that way. 

They will insist that you are a victim doomed to exist within a system that is rigged against you; that you are a victim of systemic oppression; that you are a victim of your circumstances; and that no amount of hard work or motivational action will ever allow you to overcome your victimhood or the privilege of those around you.

This is perhaps the Democratic Party’s greatest and most insidious lie.

If you are a minority in America today the liberal media and left-wing politicians don’t want you to ever discover this lie. So they bombard us with stories designed to reinforce the narrative that you are in danger, that you can not succeed. They manipulate your fears and concerns by telling you that you are disadvantaged, disempowered, and disposable… to everyone except them.

Minorities in this country, are told by the Left, their entire lives that they are not welcome on the Right. They are told that they are hated because anyone who isn’t a Democrat is racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist. It is now the time for us to help minorities recognize that they do not owe their subjugation and allegiance to the Democratic Party. Centrists, Libertarians, Independents, and Conservatives believe there is a seat at the table for everyone. It is time for us to show minorities that they are cared about, appreciated and welcomed by conservatives and Republicans alike.  

We invite Americans who have never been Democrats to join the campaign to share their own written and video #WalkWith testimonials supporting those courageous enough to #WalkAway. We need Americans on the Right to stand up and use their voices to tell the world the truth about what it actually means to be a conservative in America. We must come together to declare, loudly and often, who we really are, our real values, and finally expose the lies the Left has tried to place on us for far too long. 

The #WalkAway Campaign also serves another fundamental purpose. For far too long, the Left has controlled the narrative in this country within the news and media, while the “silent majority” on the Right have done what they always do – remain silent. The Left has been allowed to reinforce the narrative that everyone on the Right is a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, and so on. This dangerous lie cannot be perpetuated any longer. 

The Left has become so extreme and relentless that it is now the time for us to fight back! 

The #WalkAway Campaign is a movement of Patriots from all walks of life – men, women, black, brown, white, straight, LGBTQ, religious, and non-believers – who share something very important in common. 

WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, and we will not surrender our country.